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Sheep milk is quite different to milk from other animals.  It has more fat, protein and lactose than cow or goat milk which makes it perfect for fresh cheeses and gorgonzola.  Many fresh cheeses like feta and halloumi were originally made from sheep milk and actually they still are in Europe.  Often people who aren't able to drink cow's milk find they are fine with sheep milk products.  If you want to find out more about sheep milk and sheep dairying check out Sheep 101.

We currently make feta, halloumi, ricotta and pecorino.  In the future we might make a few rounds of blue as well, so if you are a blue cheese fan, watch this space!





This is a well known salty, crumbly cheese which is great to use in salads, quiche and frittatas.  We also make feta with chilli & garlic, chilli & basil or sun-dried tomato & basil.  It can be eaten as a fresh cheese soon after it is made or it ages very well in the vacuum pack. 

Left to mature the feta develops a stronger flavour and becomes more creamy and salty.  If it gets too salty for your taste just soak it in fresh milk for a few minutes before you use it.  Our feta is quite smooth but if you want to make it more crumbly just throw it in the freezer for a while and then thaw it before you use it.

$10 for a 125g slice. 


Ricotta cheese is made with the whey that is leftover after making  other fresh cheeses.  It is best when eaten very fresh.  In Italy they fill a bowl with ricotta, add a generous spoonful of jam or honey and a sprinkle of hazelnuts and eat it as a dessert or snack.  

Of course, ricotta is an important ingredient in many cheesecake recipes.  It can also be used in lasagne or roasted with vegetables.  Baked ricotta is a very simple but delicious dessert.

Available in limited quantities during spring & summer.

What's available now...

The new milking season has just begun here at Wild Bush and we this is what we have available...



feta with chilli & basil

feta with sundried tomato & basil

feta with chilli & garlic


Cheeses are $10 per package.  

Order from us...

You can order by ringing 021 119 0457, by using the form below or by emailing  

Tell us what you want and we can arrange a time for you to pick it up or if you are in the area we might be able to deliver it for you :)


Our pecorino cheese is pressed with a light weight and then aged for at least 5 months before it gets to you.  This gives it a firm texture and a rich, but not overpowering, flavour.  The cheese will continue to mature until it is opened and the flavour will get slightly stronger as it ages (it can be matured for up to 18 months).  Pecorino comes plain or with added spices like peppercorns, chilli & basil, or cumin seeds.

$10 for a 120g wedge.




Halloumi is the ultimate cheese for grilling or frying on the BBQ because it will crisp up on the surface without melting.  We like to fry it and eat it straight out of the pan but it can also be eaten with steak, salad or as part of a cheese board.  

Halloumi is sometimes called squeaky cheese because of the sound it makes when you bite into it.  But beware, halloumi is extremely addictive!

$10 for a 150g block.  


Our Stockists...

The team at Organic Living in Terrace End, Palmerston North have a selection of our cheese in the chiller

Our cheese is available at Culinary Vista in the main street of Woodville.  Marni has lots of other yummy food and wine for sale too!

Come and see us at our stall at the Wairarapa Farmers' Market which is on Saturdays from 9am til 1pm in the Farrier's carpark in Masterton

We are at the Hokowhitu Village Market in Palmerston North on the third Sunday of each month from 9am til 1pm.  We always have samples for you to try before you choose which ones to buy!

Drop into Eclectic Country Ltd on State Highway 1 in Sanson and have a chat with Marie.  She has all our cheeses plus a huge selection of her own jams and chutneys which go together perfectly!

Paul has a selection of our cheese available at his fabulous shop C'est Cheese, 19 Fitzherbert Street, Featherston.  

Silky Oak Chocolates in the Hawke's Bay have our cheeses in their chiller (plus irresistible chocolate to go with it!). 

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