Buy Some Sheep...

When we first started in 2013 our ewes produced an average of just 300ml of milk per day!

Since then we've been working hard to improve milk production, udder conformation and behaviour in the milking shed.  Our ewes are now producing about 2 litres per day on average, they have good udder conformation & the large majority of them behave well with the cups on! 

In our experience, 2 litres per day is a good amount of milk without compromising animal health or mobility. It also allows for once a day milking without great discomfort for the sheep.

We will have a limited number of lambs, rams and ewes available for purchase after weaning.  All prices are plus GST.  All sheep have been vaccinated and are drenched at appropriate times.

Ewe & ram lambs $300

Ewes $350

Rams $400

Give us a call if you are interested!